Membership Information

We invite you to join the Society of Photo-Technologists!
Membership is on a 12 month Cycle

SPT gives you an instant return on your memberships dues!  Satisfaction guaranteed!  Typically SPT members become members for life .. Membership is that good!

After you join you will find that you have made a great investment!  An investment with many tangible and intangible benefits for your business. 


  A short list of tangible Membership Benefits:


Each of these benefits will more then replay your cost in the first few weeks.  Without question! 

Our benefits are carefully designed to be synergetic!  Together they will have a big impact on your camera repair business! 

  • We invite you to check 'What members say!' or join SPTNET  and ask members yourself.
  • There are other tangible benefits for your business, these you will discover for yourself over time. 


A short list of Intangible Benefits:

  • An active worldwide membership.
  • Real Time Problem / Solution.  
  • Outside the box information.  

Even through intangible benefits are subtler they are important resources for you and your business!  We just don't quote factory repair guidelines, we publish real repair problem / solutions directly from the bench!  We post side issues important to your business; firmware problems, recalls, business ideas, parts access and more.  Our library is an archive of information; parts, manuals, problem / solutions and resources.  Our library is also active, we expand our resources continuously.


Membership Levels:

  • Class A.  Small one or two person shop.
  • Class B.  Larger three or four person shop.
  • Class C.  Muliti-technician shop.
  • Sustaining.  Over $250,00 gross annual repairs.  Foundation member.
  • Associate.  Part-time shop.
  • Technician.  Technician working for an SPT member shop or technician working through several shops.


How do I pick my membership level?

  • The fast answer …   The average full time camera repair business starts membership as a Class A member.  
  • But we offer different membership classes to fit different circumstances.
    1. Size of your business.
    2. Economic level of the country.
    3. Your business's support of SPT.


Some helpful hints:

A large business would tend to use SPT resources more often then a smaller business.  They would also make more money from the information gained.  

In addition membership level is effected by economic region.  A camera repair business's revenue in one country is often higher or lower then the same size business in another country.


Are the benefits the same?

The benefits are the same regardless of membership level.  

The difference between memberships levels and cost is defined by:  

  • Use and Value. 


Some additional thoughts:

Businesses and technicians that have been long time SPT members move their membership level up.  They understand that the by supporting SPT members support themselves and what to make sure SPT is well financed.

SPT members are long term members, typically spanning their careers in camera repair.

They know that membership dues are returned to SPT members through better benefits.


Joining SPT:



SPT Membership is your Best Investment!


Connect Your Business to the Camera Repair World

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