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March 12, 2053 10:33 PM

"..... I was wondering how I can solve this problem: Besides myself, there are other techs here who need to use the SPT software. We now have customers coming in for, (and willing to pay $25 !) the FAX report on different cameras. They want this when they buy or sell on eBay or Craigslist. We also have a retail operation here and we buy and sell a lot of used equipment. The software sure helps when we need to know the camera history, shutter count, etc. Many sales customers buying used gear want to know the shutter count, and we want to know the recorded camera errors before we take in items for trade.

Sounding like a testimonial for SPT? It is.  ... "

Bill Lettow

Tempe Camera Repair Inc.


March 18, 2013 8:45 PM
Hi Chuck
Thank you very much for your speedy service.

I have already used the 5D MKII software this morning, fantastic. My friend in New Zealand, Greg Sugrue, convinced me to join SPT and told me all about the adjust software you have available.

Sorry about the “T90 shutter rebuild order”, I did not quite understand that this is a link.

I thought I order the basic and the upgrade software separate depending on the jobs I have to do, but of course I see now how this works.

It has been a bit difficult lately to provide a professional service to my customers, especially since Canon ditched us (and everyone else in Australia) as agents (hey, I received a nice piece of engraved glass for the 20 years of service from them) so I am extremely pleased having the means to do this once more thanks to your software.

Kind Regards, Peter

Peter Voegeli
Accurate Instrument Servicing Pty Ltd
57 Beeville Road (PO Box 277)
Petrie Qld 4502


January 30, 2013 6:53:45 PM PST
I already had the essential version for the 50D, but recently I had a 50D come in that was not metering. By purchasing the upgrade software I was able to view the output ( or no output in my case ! ) of the AE Matrix without touching the camera with a screwdriver !  Plus I was then able to align the new AE sensor using the software, and easily calibrate using my lightbox and the software.

Greg Sugrue , CW Services, New Zealand


January 17, 2013 5:03:00 AM PST

Had a 5Dmk II in with no image on backscreen and top lcd. Camera and backlight did work.. SPT software told me to look for a fuse, flex or image board. Checked the N fuse (2 amp)  on top which was broken. Changed and it worked again ( VD7-2292-001, the one in the middle of DC/DC-board underneath top LCD.)

Met vriendelijke groet, Dave Schipper, NCRR, Amsterdam


November 13, 2012 1:55:24 PM PST
Just did a 5D MKII and got to test the software – working great thanks.

The new camera Fax is awesome!  I seem to remember suggesting this, so I will take a SMALL part of the credit!

I notice it has a sensor position setting – could this be used to reset position after CCD removal for shutter replacement ??

Greg Sugrue                                                     
Director / Technician
CW Services Ltd, New Zealand



October 30, 2012 5:15:13 PM PDT

I'm really impressed with the new Camera Fax. That is pretty darn cool. Before it was just some info, but now it's really impressive. It can be used to back up estimates with actual data from the camera. It lists all the errors in memory with the shutter count and lens used at the time of the error and gives a brief explanation of the error. The personalizing feature of the Fax is really nice as well. Having the ability to use a company logo is a really nice feature. You can even change the fonts used to match your desires.

Another home-run for SPT.



October 25, 2012 4:27:40 AM PDT

The Following Softwares Have been Updated to include our Improved Camera FAX:

Canon EOS 1D MK III Essential
Canon EOS 7D Essential
Canon EOS 7D Advanced
Canon EOS 5D MK II Essential
Canon EOS 5D MK II Advanced


Tried the 7D and 5D mkII and its a very very good improvement. Just what I did with the old version: write down errors before clearing them; compliments,  excellent work.  Met vriendelijke groet / With kind regards

Dave Schipper
NCRR, Amsterdam



Great Business Builder!


Client had an Error 99 and needed their camera the next day for a wedding shoot.  With client at the counter I used this software and was able to determine that the error started back at exposure 85,428 and progressively got worse until 126,785. Lenses used were listed with each occurrence of the error. Problem was a bad shutter. Unknown to me two other customer in the lobby had the same camera and were listening in on the dialogue. Once they saw what I was able to do they came up to the counter and wanted their "Camera Fax". The first repair was $345.00; Camera Faxes were $50.00 each. End result paid for software and $$ in the pocket, very professional impression with clients, and great word-of-mouth advertising!

Alan Mais / The Camera Doctor


January 19, 2012 6:25:25 AM PST

Hi Chuck,
Yes all sorted, it started working about 6.30 your time. I got the 40D Shutter adjusted just in time, customer needs it tomorrow.  I've loaded them on my laptop now also and the licences work fine.  Thanks for you're help, the software is a godsend.



Rebel XSi Main board replacement

You have to have the Advanced version of the software to replace the main PCB as it has the Initialization function which the essential doesn't have???  Right??   ......... Steve  (GCR)

That is correct. I had to install a new board and that required initialization so I purchased the ADVANCED adjustment software.

The customer had torn the USB port away from the Main board and it could not be reinstalled so I could not off-load the camera data and digital data. I had to use the data files from the library after initialization.  All went well and the camera works as it should. The adjustment software works great.  ...... Ed



Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the great effort.

Have purchased software today but download is not there.  I have found the other software to be the greatest asset to my work and have found many repairs take shorter time as I don’t have to transfer Eproms etc. The time for diagnosis is reduced thanks to the incredible Error codes. I am looking forward to the 2 new programs & wish you all the best for the future. SPT is a great co-operative and one of the few where what you put in is magnified by what is achieved, the confidence it builds & the amount you get out as a result. I have been associated with so many organizations but nothing can ever match the SPT/ CC Associates & your effort.

Alan Robertson / F16 Camera Service


Rebel XTi error 99
I'm sure some of you know this and some don't.  I replaced a shutter in an XTi and it tested great here at the shop. Customer called and said error 99 showed up again.  I asked him to bring his lens with the camera.

Plugged it in to the SPT software and it gave me a report on last error code,  Error 33….lens aperture not stopping down.  What a time saver this software has become…..saved me time, money and hair pulling. Also got me a lens job.

Ron / Camera Care

This is especially helpful on the newer camera software where it will tell you what the lens is. Helps a lot if the customer has a few lenses.    Stan Burns


OK, now I'm a believer!
I recently purchased the SPT Rebel XS software and wish I had done it a couple of weeks earlier.

Camera came in with an error 99 error code and we just assumed shutter replacement. Replaced the shutter and it passed quality control. It left the shop only to come back within a couple of days with error 99 again.

At any rate once I got the software, it indicated that this camera had only had 7,000 pictures taken and what the real error code was 199, main PCB. Took about 1 minute to see that I had wasted time and money and hopefully not lost a customer.  I should have listened to Chuck sooner and seen the value of software investment.

Funny thing is I remember when I was in Chuck's class in the late 70's I listened to his every word. Not to stroke his ego but he is a smart guy.

Lesson learned.  Ron   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SPT Software for Canon Rebel XT

Hi Chuck,
I just paid for the software in one repair!!!! ( Almost :-D ) Thank you, thank you, a million thank you’s!

Tony / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Great Software!
I bought the software after fighting with a camera for 8+ hours with no success. I was able to clear the error code with the software and the camera started working fine! Thanks SPT for this great tool to use in my repair business.

If you are in doubt about buying the SPT software, don't be. I'll be buying the other models as I get the money to do so.

Bob Kilbourn ( - August 5th 2009

Excellent software, easy to use.
Just setup a 20D that was a 'hybrid' i.e. one camera made from two damaged units, was great to be able to get the exposures right and setup the serial number to match!

Checked my personal 20D too, and it's exposures read correct which was a good test for my light box etc.

Keep up the good work

Greg Sugrue (CW Services, New Zealand) - July 14th 2009

Great Software
Had camera come in with ERR99 which we all know is usually a lens or shutter problem. After checking the camera it would work fine. Checked the ERR codes with SPT software and it showed ERR17, not ERR99, flash circuit not charging. I changed the flash PCB and sure enough it fixed the problem. I thought it was strange though that the LCD read ERR99 and the internal code was ERR17. Never would have figured the problem without the software.

Mark Klitsch (FL) - May 20th 2010

Money-making software with GREAT support
Had a custom lens-body focus calibration promised for a 30D, so we ordered the full software to do it. Not only did Chuck help us ensure that the license file worked properly, but when we ran into a snag with the focus adjustment, he walked us through the update procedure to fix it. Focus is adjusted, happy customer.

Software is easy to use to adjust focus, even first try. This is also a great add-on for our IR conversion services - coupling the AF to the customer's existing lenses as a 'custom' service.

LeZot Camera Repair
(Burlington, Vermont) - May 27th 2010


SPT Software Saved Me Money
Chucks EOS 30D Software (SPT) is a must have tool in the Camera Repair industry. I recently took in a Canon EOS 30D that displayed err99 intermittently. The camera looked brand new, the shutter blades showed no sign of wear marks. Without knowing exactly what the error code actually was I ordered the basic version of the software. Easy installation and setup. After checking error codes and shutter count I quickly determined that the error was actually error 65 - unusual CN2 signal at release - Possible causes - Faulty shutter, bad switch contact, faulty or dirty fpc connection. With a shutter count of 21,552 I replaced the shutter with no hesitation. Problem solved. No more error codes, reset shutter count to 0 & cleared error code. With Chucks Software I knew exactly where to go to repair this camera. THANKS Chuck... I don't know where we would be without you.

Scott Crisman / Northwest Camera Repair, Inc.

Mandatory tool
Yesterday I've downloaded the basic version for EOS 30D; brilliant, useful, fast and accurate, user friendly and a helpful tool for the serious photo-technologist I'll upgrade to full shortly. We highly recommend these softwares; we are desperately waiting for the 40D and 50D versions in order to service those units faster and more accurately than ever before.

Thanks Chuck for your effort and dedication in helping each one of us. We found err51 and 53 on two units we checked, and the software pointed us directly to the solution.

We SPT member, we are on top of the camera repair market thanks to our mutual support and Chuck's backup.
SPT deserves our support, buy the softwares, they are self payables!

Kemil Carbuccia / Photo-Technologist

Use with confidence SPT Software
For many years I have been changing EPROMs to get replacement boards to operate correctly. Having purchased the 40D advanced software for a camera that had been brought in with 10 lands torn from the main PCB by incorrect orientation & forceing of a CF card, I found that this software has reduced my repair time by about 5 hours. It enabled me to download all data from the old board, initilise the new board & load the software. Not only was it a time saving experience, it also enabled me to use the PCB which had come uninitalised.
This has been, for me, a very confidence building experience, and highlights the many benefits available to us all as members of the SPT.

Alan Robertson (Queensland, Australia) - July 31st 2010

Excellent Software – A must have
Thank you Chuck & SPT for providing software programs that can make camera repair very profitable. The day before yesterday I had a customer come in with his Canon EOS 350D. He said everything was working properly but just wanted to have a complete servicing of the camera. He okâed the $248.00 service without blinking a eye which caused me to be concerned. I ordered Chucks SPT Software for the 350D camera to check error codes and shutter count. Found error code of 05 â flash failed to rise and shutter count was 1,845. With no serious problems and a very low shutter count I felt confident in servicing this camera. Serviced the camera, cleared the error code and sent camera out to customer. He was very happy. This job paid for the basic version of the software. A win-win situation. I was also able to print out a page, which showed the camera model, serial number, firmware version and the shutter count. Thanks again Chuck, SPT is the greatest.

Scott Crisman, Northwest Camera Repair, Inc.  (WA) July 23rd 2009

Shutter Adjustment
"I have been dropping in shutters left and right for several years, I love the jobs. But I have had two now with high speeds out of adjustment. (1/8000 sec)." ..... "Chuck, Canon charges around 250.00 +/- for the adjustments and cleaning." ... it is a five minute job to tune the shutter speed using SPT software and techniques.


Posted on SPTNET

Morning again....just a note to tell you if your on the fence on wether to buy the SPT software or not.....make the move.  Replaced the shutter on a Canon 40D & found the speeds above 3000th were cut off or blank.  In the past we have just packed them off & sent to Canon....lost money on parts and labor.  Purchased the 40D Advanced software & had the problem cured in about 10 saved!!!  Not only has it given me the confidence I am sending out a product that is in top working condition, (up until now, I had my doubts that I was giving the best service possible)  but it has also made me think about increasing the price to service these cameras now that I know 100% that everything is right.

So, I am sold on the software....I have purchased 4 of the software, 2 of the Essential only & 2 of the Advanced. As soon as I can afford more, I'm getting them...wish I could take advantage of the quantitiy discount...but right now, things are too tight.
SPT is Great
Mike (Southern Photo Technical Service Inc.) - March 17, 2010


OK, that was REAL easy…..
I don’t think I’ve ever loaded ANY adjustment software and had it work correctly on initial attempt to use.

Steve (CRIS) March 22, 2010

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