Backup Calibration / New Board Replacement

Backup Calibration


Backup Calibration downloads the data from the Main PCB EEPROM to your PC.  This function allows you to download data from the old Main PCB so that it can be later installed on a new PCB.

This data includes AE, AF and Shutter calibration data so there is no need to backup or install these individual calbration packets separately.



In many cases the old Main PCB is dead and the data cannot be saved!  It’s a great idea to have known good Main PCB data saved so you can install it on a new Main PCB.  This can save you allot of time and effort after installing the new Main PCB.  Each data pack is model specific and not interchangeable.



Save Calibration to PC
Downloads the Data stored on the Main PCB to your PC.


To view other Main Board Replacement Functions click on their Tabs Below:



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