AE Sensor Output

AE Sensor Output


This feature checks the output of each matrix cell individually.  The output of the AE Sensors can be checked under all light levels.  Using this function you can check for each Matrix cell as well as Matrix alignment.

  • Use a 50mm F/1.8 test lens.  AVO (F/1.8) effects the AE output.  

Example using a lightbox set to EV 9 and EV 15:
50mm F/1.8 gives 9.0 and 15.0
50mm F/1.4 gives 9.8 and 15.8
EFS 17-85mm F/4-5.6 gives 8.8 and 14.8 at 17mm / 8.6 and 14.6 at 85mm



•    Click Start.  The output of each cell is displayed in Ev.

•    Minimum displays the lowest cell reading.
•    Maximum displays the highest cell reading.
•    Average displays the overall cell average.


Connects the camera to the software and starts the matrix readings.

To view other AE functions click on their Tabs Below:


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