Shutter Timing

Shutter Timing


Shutter timing is the shutter speed adjustment, slit width. 

  • The cameras lens is set wide open and its shutter speed is set to give the correct exposure for the Light Boxes Ev setting.  
  • The cameras histogram will center if the shutter speed is correct.  
  • If the histogram doesn't center, the camera needs a Shutter Timing Adjustment.


  • Although shutter timing is overall and meant to bring the high speed into adjustment, fine tweaking the timing allows some linearity.
  • The forward and trail edges of the histogram indicate curtain travel time balance.
  • With increasing frequency replacing the shutter requires high-speed adjustment


Configure Camera
Selects M mode through the software and sets the lens wide open, ISO 100 and the shutter high speed. Not on all models.

Current 4000 or 8000 Timing
This is the adjustable time delay value between the 1st and 2nd curtain release.  It is adjusted using the arrows on the right or by typing in a new value.

Write to Camera
Write the new timing value to the camera.


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