Computer Setup

  • Windows PC using a Windows XP Operating System
  • USB 2 Port
  • Your PC must be a stand alone unit.  SPT Software licensing will reject computers on a Network.


Dedicated PC
A PC dedicated to Service Adjustment Software with a clean install of XP running a minimal system.  You can use a laptop, desktop or both since your software is licensed for two PCs.

PC with a Segmented Drive

This is a tested 'known good' setup.

If you use a single PC for your business with a Vista or Windows 7 operating system then a Segmented Hard Drive will work great for you.

You divide your hard drive into two sections, one side uses your current operating system and the other side uses the XP operating system.  It's like running two separate PCs.

At startup you select the operating system you will use.  Only the programs on that side of the drive will be available for use.  Your normal system or your adjustment system are only a startup away.

There are many articles available on the web or see your local 'geek squad'.   We would suggest that if you are not experienced with segmenting a drive that you use a local service. They will have experience with locating Drivers which may not installed on your system.  The expense of using a 'experienced' person is minimal and you can be up and running in a few hours including turn around time ….. it will take the pain out of adding an XP operating system to your current PC.

Local Services may also provide Segmented PCs Pre-Built!

So check before Purchasing.


Notebook PC with or without a Segmented Drive

This is a tested 'known good' setup.

This is a inexpensive way to get into a dedicated Service Adjustment PC while still being able to use Windows 7 or Vista for other applications or even run the business side of your shop.  The also make nice 'workshop' PCs.

The procedure is exactly the same as 'PC with a Segmented Drive with perhaps the following exceptions.

  • You will need to install a Windows 7 or Vista Operating System.

The system installed on Notebook PCs are usually 'lite' and will not be able to be reinstalled or repurchased.  The Windows 7 or Vista you install will probably be full systems.


  • You will need to install more RAM.

Typically the RAM in Notebook PCs are not adequate to run full Vista or Windows 7 systems.  It will run but be sluggish.  Installing additional RAM at this time will be well worth the extra expense.


  • You may need Drivers.

These Drivers may be hard to find so again we recommend using a local service to take the pain out of the modification with minimal expense

Local Services may also provide Segmented PCs Pre-Built!

So check before Purchasing.


THE PC you are using now uses an XP Operating System
SPT software will run on your  PC using XP without interfering with any other programs.

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