New Main PCB Replacement

Main PCB Replacement


On older models, Main PCB replacement is simpler.  You save the camera and digital data files from the old Main PCB and upload them into the new Main PCB.  These functions are handled by Essential.  You should review:  The Importance of Loading Digital Data .. click to view before and after images.

However on newer models replacing Main PCBs can be complex.  Picture authentication codes and other data files must be imported into the new Main PCB.  These data files exist on other boards in the camera and are not part of the camera and digital data files.

The New Main PCB must be installed and then initialized or they may not function correctly.  Run time errors, failure of the image to be save to the memory card and other errors are common.

The New Main PCB is Initialized to THAT specific camera during the Initialization process.


New Board Replacement has four parts.

  • Backup Calibration
  • Initialize Board
  • Load Calibration
  • Model and Serial


 To view Main Board Replacement Functions click on their Tabs Below:



Software Variations:

The New Board Replacement function only appears in models known to require Main PCB initialization.

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