Shutter Calibration

Canon Adjustment Software:  Shutter Calibration Plugin


The value in the 'Current Timing' window is not the shutter speed.
It is a delay value between the 1st and 2nd curtain.



The Shutter Calibration Function can have as many as five parts.

  • Shutter Timing
  • X Contact Timing
  • Shot Count
  • Mirror Count
  • Shutter Temperature

To view Shutter Functions click on their Tabs Below:



Software variations:

  • Early models have a simplified Shot Count.  Those models do not have a 'Shot Count' as part of Advanced.
  • These same models also did not tract Mirror Count.  Those models do not have 'Mirror Count' as part of Advanced.


Advanced Shutter Functions
Early Models


  • Many models do not require Temperature confirmation / adjustment as a part of shutter adjustment.  Those models do not have 'Shutter Temperature' as part of Advanced.


Shutter Functions
without Temperature Function



Histogram Based Shutter Testing

Shutter testing digital SLR cameras relies on a calibrated Light Box, a hand held light meter and the cameras histogram.  The calibrated Light Box is used to set exposure / Ev.  The hand held light meter is used to check the Ev level of your light box and to show the proper shutter speed / diaphragm combinations for that Ev level.  The lens is set F/1.8 or F2.8 (F/Max or near).  The shutter is set to the speed that will give you a correct exposure for the Ev setting of your light box with the lens wide open.  If the shutter speed is correct the camera's histogram will show the bit depth in the center.  As you become proficient, you will be able to use the leading and trailing edges of the histogram to check curtain travel balance.



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