Advanced Plugins



Advanced or Upgraded Essential gives you Calibration Functions.  Clicking on a calibration button opens that function window of the software!

All SPT software has these primary camera calibrations:

  • Auto Focus Calibration
  • Shutter Calibration
  • Auto Exposure Calibration
  • Main Board Replacement *

Click on the Calibration Name to view the function!


* Software starting with the Canon 40D.  Previously Main PCBs were shipped initialized (with a boot program).  So Main PCBs were installed as shipped and the saved camera and digital data was uploaded into its EEPROM.  

Recently Main PCBs began shipping without the boot program (un-initialized).  So SPT added the Main Board Replacement function, backdated to the 40D, to initialze new Main PCBs.


Opens the software's built in help window.

Quits the software / camera connection in the proper sequence.

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