Total Commander

Total Commander (File Recovery Program)

Look at the picture and you will see the split screen. You can have it on the right or left of you complete computer on it; Drive A through G. You can move folders or complete drives over to the left side and never bother the right side or the original.

Now the greatest part. Install a memory card or SD card in your reader. In the right side it will show what is on the card; bad files, good files. You can delete the bad files and save the rest or transfer them over to the left side of the screen.

Then the memory card will work and you can see exactly what was wrong. I had a memory that wouldn't work in the camera because of all the other files on folders on it. I deleted the bits of folders that were not good or incomplete, then put the card in the camera and it worked. It dose work and the time saved for us is money for sure.
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