Canon Shutter Counts, reading

It only works on the 40D, 450, and 1000D.

This software uses Canon SDK (developer tools) which is downloadable from the Canon site.  So more models will probably appear in the future on this and other sites.  SDK only offers normal functions to PC so it won't allow error codes, shutter timing, ae, af .. etc. that you get with SPT Service Adjustment Software ... those require a major league coding from scratch, we know those aren't simple!  We also don't know right now if you are seeing shutter or mirror counts with this download.  Still this download will still help you out and will get you used to and moving your shop toward software based repairs.
I had a customer tell me he used the link above for his Eos  1 Ds  Mark II shutter count. 

I have not confirmed this – I did check it with a Pentax K10 and it does save a little effort looking through all exif info.  Michael Benson / Owner / CAMERA SERVICE CENTER

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